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Need a unique, memorable entertainment event for your annual meeting, corporate retreat, or client appreciation event? Dan Lornitis is just the ticket. Dan is a seasoned entertainer, having performed more than 4000 live shows nationwide, including corporate events for global companies such as Mercedes Benz, Sprint, 3M, United Airlines, Motorola, John Deere, Best Buy, and many others.

Dan’s performance is ideal for any type of business gathering. Using a group of 10-25 volunteers, Dan entertains by making your employees or attendees the stars of the show. He can even weave in your meetings theme or business message, creating powerful team-building sessions, training events, and more.

Applying the techniques of hypnotic suggestion, Dan will bring out your employees’ innate creativity and imagination to hilarious effect. Imagine your co-worker becoming “the world’s greatest motivational speaker.” Or your top salesperson forgetting their own first name. Or a team member who speaks only in Martian, while another team member translates everything for the audience.

Best of all, Dan’s presentation is all in good fun. No one—either onstage or in the audience—is ever made to feel uncomfortable or behave inappropriately.

See for yourself how the ‘power of suggestion’ combined with the volunteers own creativity can help break the ice and bring groups together.

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